The main goal of PLAViMoP Software is to provide a tool that allows one to visualize and transform movements, wich are displayed as point-lights in a 3D scene.

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PLAViMoP Software is composed of a Matlab graphical user interface that interacts with the open source free software Mokka. A point-light represents the 3D trajectory of one to several markers placed on a human, an animal, an object, and so on. The marker's movement is generally tracked with a motion capture system consisting of multiple optoelectronic cameras (Vicon, Qualisys, Optitrack ...). You can see some examples on the Database page.


Thanks to this software, classical transformations of spatial (e.g., modifying the orientation, adding masking dots, and scrambling the original motion) and kinematic (e.g., changing the norm of the velocity) characteristics of the Point-Light Display (PLD) can be normalized using specific algorithms. This advance is important for scientists working on PLD sequences because it offers the possibility to work with similar stimuli. This methodological point is crucial to a better understanding of the literature and existing knowledge on the mechanisms sustaining PLD processing.

Moreover, PLAViMoP software allows the application of these transformations in 3D sequences and presents new types of spatial and kinematic transformations (i.e., the spatial rotation of original PLDs for each limb constituting the sequence, the possibility of rotating the original PLD about the different axes [x, y or z], or the possibility of separately modifying the kinematics of each component of the original PLD). These new functionalities provide the foundation for a better understanding of the crucial characteristics that intervene in the recognition of PLD.


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Overview video for beginners

Please follow this video to understand how to transform a C3D file.



To access help videos, go to UPtube.

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Decatoire, A., Beauprez, S.A., Pylouster, J., Lacouture, P., Blandin, Y., & Bidet-Ildei, C. (2018). PLAViMoP Software: How to standardize and simplify the use of point-light displays, Behavior Research Methods, doi: 10.3758/s13428-018-1112-x.