What is PLAViMoP ?

Point Light Action Visualization and Modification Platform

Two Components


PLAViMoP Software is a program for Point Light Display (PLD) visualization and transformations that fulfills two objectives. First, PLAViMoP Software standardizes and clarifies many of the classical spatial and kinematic transformations described in the PLD literature. Furthermore, given its optimized interface, PLAViMoP Software makes the achievement of these transformations easy and fast for research and applied purposes.

PLAViMoP Database is a collaborative database that includes a wide range of human and non-human movements (e.g., animals and robots) in ".c3d" or ".mp4" format. Free access to the database allows the full use of the movements that are already available (see Database to download movements). You can also contribute to the database  by sharing your own movements with other users (see Community).


Those components aim to facilitate the use of point-light displays at an academic level to significantly enrich our knowledge of different aspects of motor skills and cognition and of the functioning of different motor or cognitive disorders. A second objective is to make the use of point-light displays available to non-specialists (teacher of Physical Adapted Activities, coach, etc.) so it can be used as part of rehabilitation or to improve sports abilities. Finally, other applications may also be considered such as video games and cinema.


Schema of the two components


Schéma fonctionnel.jpg

Project partners

PLAViMoP project is born from two laboratories at Université de Poitiers                                    This project is supported by

          CeRCA (UMR 7295)                                                                                                               FEDER

          Institut P’ (UPR 3346)                                                                                                            CPER (Nouvelle Aquitaine)